Sunday, August 01, 2010

Bracelets inspired by club wrist-bands

Inspired by night life around the world, these VIP bracelets carry the energy of the night into the day and wardrobe.
Borrowing from what is a universal item – the wrist brand used to designate the lucky at the velvet rope – these bracelets imbue luck with a twist of the wrist. What was once ephemeral becomes an item of beauty.

Aluminum party bracelets with global party hot spots.

Design choices:
Paris. NYC. Barcelona. Buenos Aires. Ibiza. London. Los Angeles. Mexico City. Tokyo.

Color choices:
Le Bain Orange, 10 June Blue, Griffin Green, Pink Elephant Pink (pink not shown)

Aluminum / Paint / Paper.

Fits most female wrists and male wrists medium or smaller. 6" in total length.

Hand painted.

Customization available:
Yes. Please send us your custom city name, and we'll print it on the bracelet.


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