Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Are These Two Articles Related?

January 5th, 2005

BROOKLYN : CITY PAID MAN TO BABY-SIT FOR OWN CHILD For three years, the authorities said, Robert Brown baby-sat for Essie Porter's youngest son and daughter. Ms. Porter was on welfare and either in job training or working part time, prosecutors said, so under welfare law, the city paid her child-care provider, Mr. Brown, for his services - more than $10,000 over the years. There was only one problem, prosecutors said: Mr. Brown failed to disclose that he was the father of one of the children, Jaquan, 11. The law says that parents are obligated to care for their children and are not entitled to be paid for it. Both Mr. Brown, 31, and Ms. Porter, 40, of Bedford-Stuyvesant, were arraigned yesterday on charges of felony welfare fraud. They each face maximum sentences of seven years in prison. Andy Newman (NYT)

ROCHESTER: ADDICT ORDERED NOT TO HAVE CHILDREN A Family Court judge who last year stirred a national debate about parental responsibilities ordered a second drug-addicted prostitute to have no more children until she proves she can look after the seven children she already has. The 31-year-old mother, identified in court papers only as Judgette W., lost custody of her children, ranging in age from 8 months to 12 years, in child-neglect hearings dating back to 2000. The youngest child and two others tested positive for cocaine at birth and all seven were removed from her care. The Dec. 22 decision by the judge, Marilyn O'Connor, was made public yesterday. In a similar ruling last March, Judge O'Connor ordered a drug-addicted, homeless mother of four to not bear children until she won back care of her children.

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